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Want more bookings for your holiday accommodation in Whitby? Read this!

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The Heartbeat Cast included the extremely popular character Claude Jeremiah Greengrass played by the actor Bill Maynard. This is an informal interview with the actor and Alan of Endeavour Whitby Cottages, about his time working in the TV series Heartbeat. This timeless classic television programme did and will continue to improve tourism for Whitby and the surrounding areas.

Claude Jeremiah Greengrass left Oscar Blaketon right

( Alan ) Did you form any particular friendships with any of the members of the cast of Heartbeat?

( Bill ) Yes, I was very friendly with Derek Fowlds, who played Oscar Blaketon  and Tricia Penrose, who played Gina, and of course Nick Berry in the beginning.

Later on the actor Peter Benson came into the series and heHeartbeat Cast's one of the loveliest guys in the world, we had worked before in the Trinity Tales, so used to use Peter and David Lonsdale who played David to do my bidding in the series. I can honestly say all the crew were my mates and so when something in the series wasn't just right example we might be having a darts match and I used to say this isn't how it was played in the late 1960s, this is how darts is played today, in the 1960s people used to do their own adding up that's how they learnt arithmetic. Then members of the crew would come to me and say look we've been telling the director what you said about the darts all morning, but he wont  listen I would go to the director and he would listen to me.

Do you keep in regular contact with any of the cast nowadays?

( Bill ) Yes, I keep in touch regularly all the time with Peter and Derek and I was very close to Tricia but we haven't spoken for a while, she's had a few problems and she has two children to look after nowadays. Also Fiona Dolman who took over the doctor's role, she married one of the assistant directors called Martin theBill Maynard playing Greengrassy made a lovely couple.

I did have a slight problem when Jason Durr came into the series, you see in the beginning Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack were the leading actors and Nick had been in Eastenders and recorded the record of the program and of course he recorded the soundtrack for Heartbeat but he hadn't got the past experience like me and so that's why I demanded the high salary. But Nick and I had a good relationship and we used to talk, he was clever enough to realise that my character was a bit of a rogue, but not a bad character but we agreed that we look after each other in the programme. If my character was doing something like pinching a few rabbits, his character would not be particularly bothered and in exchange I could let him know if anything was happening that the police should know about like baiting badgers, or something really nasty like that and I could then let him know as the policeman.

So in other words Greengrass could become a grass ?

( Bill ) Yes, I made a speech in a programme about badger baiting, when I finished the speech I was really angry and I heard one of the crew say hells bells because I really had gone for this guy in the Tricia Penrose who played Genaprogramme with such emotion.

You see the character Greengrass wasn't just a lovable rogue I used to use things like Latin phrases, I was trying to make the audience realise that the character had been a professional at one stage in his life may be a lawyer, a doctor or maybe an accountant, something along those lines, but the character had experienced a mental, marital or maybe a nervous breakdown and the character had gone sod it I'm going to live off the land.

( Bill ) Whatever characters I have ever performed I have always tried to make them more than one-dimensional, because a one-dimensional character is very bland. When I played the characters Selwyn Froggit I had him reading The Times every day, that gives you a lot of scope.

Did you enjoy filming around Whitby did you like the area?

Oh I absolutely loved it, I loved staying at the Inn On The Moor, it was bloody cold in winter, but David Lonsdale who played David Malcolm and his wife Sue the owners were lovely to me and because I am diabetic they would get me diabetic ice cream from the local store run by Philip Hopkinson. I was there when he bought the greengrocers at the beginning and turned it into Adensfield store. Philip repainted the shop and then started to sell all the Hearbeat memorabilia from the store; he did raise a lot of money for charity as well.

When you were given the role in Heartbeat originally was it a very minor role and so if I watched the first episode I would see only a brief glimpse of your character Greengrass?

( Bill ) Yes, that’s true, but I could rewrite my scripts, I did the same thing in" Great Scott its Maynard" and in the" Life of Riley" I've always done the same thing, if you're a comic and you're doing comedy you can do it. It's Impossible for straight actors really and they were not given permission, so even if they have the wherewithal they didn't have permission to change their lines in the script. Now that is the difference between an actor and somebody who has been a comic, who has the confidence and the wherewithal to rewrite them all, that is why when I left they employed two actors, one of them was a very dear friend of mine Geoffrey Hughes he said it's not funny any more I cannot do it! You see Geoffrey had only been an actor

Geoffrey Hughes who played Vernon ScrippsYou were a hard act to follow Bill

( Bill ) Yes, normally when they are booking an actor they don't say can you improve the script, but I was asked to do it because scripts they were given were written by a drama writer, it was not written by a comedian, Greengrass and Geoffery's part Vernon Scripps and also Gwen Taylor as Peggy Armstrong were all written by drama writers so the scripts had to be changed if you wanted some humour.

What gives you the confidence to be up to changing scripts to get the professional result?

( Bill ) Earlier in my life I bought some recording and editing equipment and formed a company called Chapterhouse Films which made industrial commercials and had worked closely with the editing man and he taught me how important editing was. The editing can make an actor look good or bad and so when editing an actor you need about half a second gap in the dialogue to be able to decide whether to use it or not, so when it came to my programs like Heartbeat I would ask the directors can I use this line at the end, but tell them that I would leave a second gap before I say it, so they could edit it out if you don't wish to use it and that’s why if you watch my scenes in Heartbeat I usually have the last line. An editor can make the actor look fantastic or destroy them, somebody once told me that the directors are only traffic props, telling you where to stand Nick Berry in Heartbeatthey don't tell the actors out to act.

Strangely enough one of the gags that most people mention to me was one of the oldest gags in the book, but I didn't tell them that whilst I was playing it, it was the one where David bought a jacket that was very colourful and he was wearing it in the pub in one scene and I said to him, “you look like a pair of curtains”,  which I followed up with “pull yourself together” and It really is one of the oldest gags and I nearly said boom boom at the end of it. Do you know where the boom boom came from?

No where?

( Bill ) A lot of people think it was created by Basil Brush, but it wasn't, boom boom came from the fact that in the old days when comics used to make jokes, the drummer used to hit the bass drum twice and then cymbals, “that was no lady that was my wife” boom boom.

Greengrass was such a large character in the programme would you like to continue in the role?

( Bill ) I had a massive stroke and they thought I would never walk again, but I did using a stick and so I went back and finished the episode of Hearbeat that I had to leave halfway through. They then employed me to start off the new sceries The Royal because they wanted some good ratings

and they knew the character Greengrass could do it. They wanted me in the first seven episodes, but what they did was use me the six episodes of series one and then kept the seventh episode Greengrass had been in to open the second series. Now everybody thought I was in the second series but I was only in the first episode, but I was paid the full amount again, so I was fortunate. In the Royal I was in bed and a wheelchair and in the series they found my daughter and her husband lived in Redcar so they took me back to their home and that's where I am in the series at the moment .

Obviously in the future, I could go back into the series "The Roya"l again, but what I'm trying to do is to get in touch with Peter Walker maybe you could tell me? Do you know who he is?

No afraid I dont?

( Bill ) Peter Walker is Nicholas Rhea, who wrote the Constable books when Stuart Doughty first spoke to me he thought we could do a spin-off of Greenrass. So the new programme could start with my daughter and her husband putting me up in their home since leaving The Royal but later they wanted to get rid of me and so they put me in an old folks home, can you imagine the character Greengrass in that setting? He would be running the bingo and getting older ladies and gentlemen to take out insurance policies.

On the right Bill Maynard dressed to receive his honorary degree. An honorary Doctor of Arts from De Montfort University

Greengrass was a big character did you ever get any negative reactions?

( Bill ) At the end of each series of Heartbeat we had a press conference and there be about 15 reporters who mostly wanted to talk to me and we had just had Charlotte Church who was about 12 at the time in a Christmas episode in which she sang Ave Maria and a reporter said to me when Charlotte Church was singing the camera they cut to you and you had tears pouring down your face, did he really get to you? And I said that’s what they call acting my dear and all journalists laughed. The reporter then said did you really enjoy the singing? I said if you're asking me about light opera it is not really my cup of tea. He asked who is your favourite singer and I said Joe Cocker, he said, would it have been better if Joe Cocker had sung the song and I said why not? I did an impression of Joe Cocker singing and everybody laughed. The reporter called Hardcastle wrote to the Daily Mail and he wrote that I had said that Charlotte Church's voice was excruciating and then Lynda Lee Potter also wrote in the Daily Mail what a swine I had been for treating a little girl like that, so it got me into so much trouble. Then three of the actors from heartbeat who will be nameless went to the executive producer of Heartbeat tried to get me suspended. Keith Richardson said to them, how do you know that Bill really said that? One of the three actors said why don't you ring the Daily Mail and asked them and Keith said what you expect the Daily Mail will say that they printed a pack of lies! Let's just stop this now and he sent all three away with a flea in their ears.

Bill Maynard approves Endeavour Whitby Holiday cottages A little while later I went on the Eammon Holmes show live and I asked him to ask me a question about the Charlotte Church story to which I replied whilst looking straight down the camera lens I'm glad you asked that because Mr Hardcastle whoever you are, I know that's an assumed name you are a liar and I'm surprised that the Daily Mail employ's you and if you want to sue me I'll see you in court, I never heard another word about it. Every morning in the Daily Mail at the bottom of page two there was a column for corrections apologies for articles which they got completely wrong, but they never ever apologised to me even though they were totally wrong. I couldn't sue the paper because they are a multi-million concern and it would have been too expensive. But when you think about the three actors in Heartbeat who tried to get me into trouble, if you can imagine they had to share a caravan but I had my own caravan and  because of my age and popularity and time in the business, I was given perks like my own

"Best Wishes to all at Whitby Cottages Bill Maynard"

actor stand in, who would do all the rehearsals for me so I would only have to do the actual take. I also had my own personal chauffeur and I was the only one given that, and of course I got the largest salary so these things do cause envy. And of course I was brought in specifically to bring humour to the programme.

So you were particularly asked to bring humour into the character?

( Bill ) Yes at the very beginning In fact, I think they were just a few lines in episode one, but I was told that if I could bring some humour to it, we might be able to do a spin-off just called Greengrass. They said we will pay you your full leading man money we will give you exactly what you were paid for doing the Gaffer which was wonderful money, so I said fine I will do it. When I got there I would only have to do half a days work, but I slowly started to rewrite it when we were doing the read-throws, I would send up the lines which I thought were not funny to the director and the directors used to say I don't think Mr Maynard will be saying that line and I used to say you're bloody right it won't! So the directors used to come to me and say what are we going to do with the scene Bill it doesn't work? And that's when I started to rewrite them.

I remember one night I was in the bar and the director called Tim Bowed who was a very well-known director now does a lot of Emmerdale and Coronation Street, he said this scenOh No it Selwyn Froggit staring Bill Maynarde just doesn't work Bill what can we do with it ? So I took myself away to my room for a couple of hours and completely rewrote the scene, when I came out I read the lines to him and he said that's fantastic Bill and bought me a bottle of champagne which we shared in the bar.

Of course well before Heartbeat you were a very popular television actor; in fact, I think it’s true to say that you were one of the very first television stars back in the 1950s?.

( Bill ) My very first television was Henry Hall’s "Face The Music" which I did on September 19, 1953 at that poin I had been in the business since I was eight years old, I'd been on the radio the year before that and then my first series was a couple of years later in 1955 which was "Great Scott it’s Maynard", when I was known as the sweater boy due to the fact I created an image of wearing those big fishermans sweaters on stage with Terry Scott

What were some of your most viewed TV programs on TV?

( Bill ) which was extremely popular?" Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt"! Which had in excess of 29 million viewers!

The Gafferstarring Bill MaynardThat's basically half the country

( Bill ) It was a network number one for many weeks and The Gaffer was almost the same, which was followed up by Heartbeat which, while I was in it had viewing figures of 20 million. That’s why I reckon if I could get in touch with Peter Walker, Nicholas Rhea there's a chance we could get a new series of the ground I could be in a wheelchair and still do the humour.

Somebody has also written a play for me which could be a trilogy called networking in which I'm a millionaire owner of the company who lives on his own with his housekeeper and is disabled like I am, and he gets involved in the Internet scam where they net a fortune I'm trying to get this off the ground at the moment. It Is written by a chap called Tony Rutherford who was a stand-up comic , it's specifically written for me in mind a long time ago, and I've read the script and I really do reckon it's got a chance.

And of course I've just released my album of songs which is being well thought of by the DJs whohave played it and the people that bought it. It's called "The Wonderful World of Bill Maynard" and it's got 10 songs, it's got "A Wonderful World""You are so beautiful", which is the Joe Cocker track," Once Twice Three Times a Lady", "Who Can I Turn To"," Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Happy Days Are Here Again", I do an introduction to the album which they asked me to do and I say as I approached my 60th year on television, my 77th year as a performer, my 85th year of my existence on the planet etc welcome to my world and this was for the pilot track, and then I have to do another nine tracks to complete the album. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement, my euphoria was in bucket loads!

The Wonderful World of Bill Myanard

Bill Maynard Official Website with all details of his new musical release "The Wonderful World of Bill Maynard" Also visit Bill Maynard on Facebook where he is agony" Uncle' in 'Retirement Times' magazine!!!! Any questions send them to

Click here for Retirment Times Website

Retirement Times Magazine on Facebook is run by Helen Dent on Facebook

Retirement Times Magazine

Just going back to the series The Gaffer did you have to change the script much on that one?

( Bill ) With The Gaffer I didn't have to do too much with that character because the writing was already very funny, there were some wonderful lines, example one of them was written by Graham White, never put a woman on a pedestal, she can see too much from up there. Another wonderful line is , it's not who you know, it's not even what you know, it's what you know about who you know. Another one in the Gaffer was my secretary said to me, you are right Fred because I played Fred Moffatt, and I said you know Betty I've just read all the newspapers and there's not one trade unionist was willing to have a  day off in support of all those people who don't have a job to have a day off from, that was a fantastic line. He really did write some wonderful stuff and the series was based on his father's factory in Derby, I went there to see the factory we did an exact copy almost for the programme. I remember the Gaffer was supposed to have a Rolls-Royce butI Isaid no he cannot have one when he is seen to not give any of his staff a rise, he's got to be seen to be struggling. So I said get me a car which is old and they got me the Rover and that was why it was seen with out any brakes,  I used to crash into a pile of drums every morning. Also the parking tickets joke at the beginning of each programme is the scene that everybody remembers and that came from the fact I went down to London to see my son who was doing session recordings in studios, he will be doing up to half a dozen of these every day so he would leave his car around London and he would get a lot of parking tickets, but he found out that if you pay off only the last two parking tickets at the end of the month the computer would not charge for the others.So when I looked on the back seat of his car there was about 40 parking tickets and I thought what a fantastic joke for The Gaffer because his character he didn't give a damn for Administration.

I met Tony Curtis on several occasions I was lucky enough to interview him twice about his role in The Persuaders and he told me that he wouldn't follow the script very closely because the writers were getting the American role completely wrong and he could ad lib many of the lines better, is that what you did in a Heartbeat? Tony Curtis about The Persuaders on YouTube

( Bill ) Yes, that's correct with comedy, but when it comes to drama I never touch a word, when I did Kisses at 50 never touched a line and that won the BAFTA award.

Thank you Bill that was a very interesting interview and we hope to see you on the screen again very soon. Alan Davidson.

If you like to place a comment about Bill Maynard interview, or Heartbeat the television series please go to my personal blog at Alan Davidson blog

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