Abbey House in Whitby

The Abbey House, was formerly the Manor House in Whitby, it is positioned at the rear of St Marys church up on the East Cliff and is supposed to occupy the site of the Abbots house. The part of the mansion which is the oldest is on the south side, supposedly said to have been erected partly out of the ruins of the Monastery, by Sir Francis Cholmley, son of Sir Richard, approximately in the year 1580. Sir Hugh Cholmley greatly enlarged and improved the building about the year 1635, when the eastern part was probably added.

During the war between Charles Ihis Parliament, it was fortified, and had a garrison to defend it. In "Vicar’s Parliamentary Chronicle" for February, 1649, it is stated that the " valiant and religiouscommander, Sir William Constable, drave that rotten apostate, Sir Hugh Cholmley, out of Scarborough Towne into the Castle, which caused such an operation in the hearts of the inhabitants of Whitby, as that they were soon and surely reduced and settled to the Parilaments side, and presently after seized on Sir Hughs great house and fort on the High Cliif, disarmed his garrison, and so kept it for the Lord Halifax, who afterwars sent 200 horse, the better to secure it." About the year 1672, the last SirHugh Cholmley built the north side of the house,which formed a handsome and extensive front, and the whole structure assumed the form of a square, with an open area within. The Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale, the Earls of Atholl and Kinghorn, and others of the nobility, were entertained here after the mansion was improved. In 1742 the Cholmley family through its connection with Sir Butler Wentworth, succeeded to other estates, and Howsham, near Malton, instead of Whitby, became their principal residence.

About 1790, the wind injured the roof of the north front, and the whole of that side, which was the principal part of the mansion, was dismantled, the walls alone remaining. For some years after the family occupied the south front of the house during a few weeks in autumn, but for several years it was merely the residence of an old servant of the Cholmley family. It is still an interesting place. The range of the north front which is perfect, has a slightly projecting centre, and two wings with blank windows; and the principal entrance is supported by pillars. There are some fine rooms in the south front commanding a magnificent view of the town and river. It was long a popular belief that subterranean passages connected the Abbey House with Saltwick and other places along the coast.

Today the Manor house it is the location for YHA Whitby, attracting visitors who wish to stay there at low cost rates with all the facilities locally for school trips, walking and cycling on the North York Moors nearby and of course easy access down the 199 steps into the old town of Whitby.
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Habit House, East Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO22 4JT
Telephone (0845) 371 9049

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