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Whitby Town

If you have not been to Whitby Town in North Yorkshire, before on this page we will take an imaginary visit based on factual information to give you a good idea of what the prospect will do like with tourist information, so if you make your trip in the future, you will already have a good idea of what the experience will be like with information and links for the facilities of the town.

The view from Captain Cooks statuette in Whitby

I have written two articles before about the pay-and-display car parks and the free on road parking locations closest to the town center just click this links. Whitby Parking and Whitby Parking Information

Firstly, depending on your location you will approach Whitby from one of three different directions and for the purpose of our story. I will be visiting from Bradford in West Yorkshire and this is a particularly beautiful route to take. Once you leave Pickering you have a glorious The crew of the programme Heartbeat22 mile drive over the North York Moors with its rugged beauty, and as you get closer to Whitby you will pass the Goathlands village on the left-hand side which is famous for the location for the majority of the filming of the television series called Heartbeat. You then drop down into a little village of Sleights and then you are almost in Whitby itself.

The cast of the television programme Heartbeat

As you approach Whitby on the A171 you come to a road junction which allows you to turn left just before the garden centre down the B 1460 and  either direction will take you directly into Whitby.

A171 run junction to B1460 heading into Whitby

if you would like to park your car a little out of town on road free parking I would take a left turn before the garden centre as approximately 1 mile down the road this brings you to a little roundabout at the top of St Hildas Terrace, at the top corner of Pannett Park, which is an ideal spot to choose various parking locations before entering the centre of Whitby where the only parking available is in pay and display car parks.

Whitby map showing all the on road free parking spots on the west side of the town


In fact one of the nicest ways to enjoy the town is to park your car on the North Terrace just beyond the Royal Crescent or alternatively in the large pay-and-display car park just off the Royal Crescent and then walk into town. You can stroll along North Terrace with the sea to your left looking towards the harbour of Whitby and you come to the corner of East Terrace, with the very grand Royal Hotel extending round the bend. From this spot there are spectacular views over the east side of Whitby and this is also the location of the statue of Captain James Cook famous explorer who used to set off onf his historic voyages from Whitby and a whalebone jaw, a reminder of  Whitbys past when it was a whaling port.

More information with pictures on Whitby Parking

How not to get a parking ticket in Whitby

More information with pictures on Whitby parking


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It is now possible to easily go down the stone steps which take you down the side of the cliff to the Khyber Pass winding its way down to the lower harbour where you are at the beginning of Pier Road.

Once you get to the bottom there is the bandstand in front of you and if you want to take a look at Whitby from the sea, turn left and you can walk along one of the two main Piers of the town which can give spectacular views back into the Whitby harbour with St Marys Church and Whitby Abbey to the left on the east side of town and the Royal hotel which stands proudly on the west side of town.

From the end of the pier there is also a glorious view down towards Sandsend village.

the view from Whitby’s Twin Piers
I have previously completed a walking tour of Whitby starting from the Captain Cook monument on the west side of town over to the east side of town climbing the famous 199 steps and finishing at Whitby Abbey and this is available to read at this link.

1 Tourist Information Centre faces the roundabout at the junction of New Key roads.

2 Whitbys largest central pay-and-display car park situated off Langborne Road

3 Whitby main shopping street Bastergate.

4 Whitby old swing bridge which takes you over to the east side of town

5 The beginning of the old cobbled section of Church Street, probably the most popular street the tourists.

6 Market Square where there is often an open-air market on busy days

7 Where Church Street merges into Henrietta Street, you can turn up the famous 199 steps which lead you to St Marys Church and the glorious viewing point over to the east side of Whitby.

8 Just be aimed St Marys Church there is Whitbys most famous tourist attraction Whitby Abbey, which has eight old tourist information Centre and you can pay to view this historic ruin.

a map of the centre of Whitby showing the major tourist attractions and facilities

9 Whitby Webcam

10 Whitby restaurants on Trip Avisor

11 Whitby tide times

12 Whitbys weather forecast for the next five days

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A walking guide of Whitby

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