Tips on marketing holiday lets for the customers, the owners and even Google

If you want to market a product online you need to make it work for everybody,in the business involved, the purchasers of the product and even the search engines like Google striving for quality content, in their search results.

I run the Whitby Holiday Letting Agency which hires out Whitby holiday cottages and over the last several years I studied on an on-going basis how to market holiday accommodation so that it works for everybody involved. At the end of the article I've left all my contact details if people would like to get in touch for advice.

Specifically Im going to use the example marketing holiday property online because Im deeply holiday cottage marketing tipsinvolved in this area and so I feel qualified to discuss this subject accurately.
Regarding the business of the holiday letting accommodation the first aspect to get right is your online presence, your website needs to be a quality product that is viewed by as many people as possible.

Search engine optimisation is all about getting a website as high up the search engine rankings as possible within a given time and budget and the main search engine to focus on is Google which gets by far the lion's share of people searching each day.

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The first thing to be aware of is that if a search engine optimisation and Internet marketing company approaches you trying to get you on their books, I would be very suspicious because if they’re successful they wouldnt need to approach you, they would be using their successful marketing skills to their existing customers who would then provide them with new on-going business, rather than having to chase cold leads with no association with them.

SEO has changed a great deal over recent years and indeed if the tactics that were used from only a few years back they wouldnt produce good long-term results. The business has evolved into a more productive positive set of actions that provide useful content that people find educational and entertaining. But poor quality SEO companies still use old tactics and in some cases even, crooked tactics which are referred to as black hat techniques. The problem can be the people are fooled because sometimes initially these bad actions can produce positive search engine results initially, but they wont work long-term and web pages can be taken out of the rankings and the web site can drop in the rankings once its been found out by Google.

If you are an online business onel of the more recent productive aspects has been to establish a good social media relationship on platforms like Google plus, Facebook and Twitter. It looks to see whether in the future this will become continually important as good content and relationships are all based about people meeting people.

social media is the way forward with Google plus Facebook and Twitter for online businesses

This non-reputable type of company will try to bamboozle people by suggesting they can achieve great results by getting so-called quantified actions like number of links into your website, improved page rank and various other aspects, but once again these details are not the end of the story. A poor company can provide you with 100 poor quality links from poor quality unrelated websites that will actually harm the long term your websites ranking , as opposed to achieving say one highly related subject link from a quality website,  which would produce great results and relevant traffic coming over and finding your content.

But the one thing Im trying to point out is that as regards to search engine rankings what you really should be using as a better mind-set and focus is to provide great content that users will find useful and interesting.

This kind of attitude of good content will produce much better results for everybody, the searching audience, the company providing related products for sale and Google the search engine that want to rank this kind of content. Obviously once youve got great content you want to use Internet marketing skills to make sure that people find it. Making sure that people find your content falls into different areas like social marketing, search engine rankings and paid for advertising.

This is an example of how a video on YouTube can give people a virtual tour of the property easily and quickly, which can be embedded into your website..


Or you could produce something useful like this Whitby Guide which I spent quite a considerable amount of time filming in HD going through the various tourist attractions of the town, but as you can see it's had quite high volumes of traffic and is ranked with a single word Whitby on you Tube for quite a good period of time Obviously this has been useful for people intending to visit Whitby for the first time and also for our company bringing in people from the film..

Good quality content on web pages produces a product which SEO companies call link bait, a term I personally dont like because it suggests that you produce in the great content for the sole purpose of achieving links, when really what you should be thinking is what I can give the public that they actually will find useful and want to read.

This is a Whitby Guide filmed tile which I spent quite some time filming in HD a couple of years back but it produced good volumes of traffic which hopefully will be very useful to people intending to visit Whitby for the first time, or to reminisce and of course at the same time bringing people to our website.


The example is that on my website I have a Whitby Blog which goes into great detail in various subject areas like the history of Whitby and its streets and buildings, an up-to-date section showing areas for Whitby car parking, Whitby tourist attractions of the town and so on. This attracts people searching for the information that they require, but there is a common theme in this case the town of Whitby and obviously a percentage of those people ultimately want to have a holiday in the town and thats where our company wins by providing accommodation on our website.

Its success for everybody involved, holiday makers it gets good holiday lets, owners of properties get high occupancy rates throughout the year, Google the search engine gets good quality content that people want to read.

And the last aspect of this is if you are a property owner wanting to let holiday accommodation there are quite a few practical elements which make the actual property work successfully and if people want advice on setting up a holiday let themselves we are quite happy to provide good sound practical advice which will guide them through the process of making their holiday accommodation work successfully for them. Just contact Whitby holiday cottage letting agency and we will be happy to discuss the subject in more detail.

You can contact the author of this article myself Alan Davidson on Whitby (01947) 603748 Mobile (07813) 779273  and email

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