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Whitby in North Yorkshire has lots to offer as a tourist attraction and as an active calendar of events throughout the summer months. The town is steeped in history and offers old world charm with its little cobbled streets and, the town is famous for its Whitby yards which housed the local fishermen in their little cottages which is now having mostly been turned into holiday accommodation. The town is divided into two by the mouth of the River-Esk, with there being an East and West side. If you wind your way up Church Street on the East side you can climb the famous 199 steps which lead to St Marys Church in Whitby Abbey from where you can get the panoramic view over to the west side where you can see the statue of the town’s famous explorer from the past Capt. Cook and also the famous wheels jaw bone arch with its path leading you down the Khyber pass towards Whitby harbour.

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The History of Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey originated in 1657 and is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Whitby. You just turn off Church Street before entering the town itself a windup towards Green Lane where there is a large pay and display car park. Alternatively if you feel energetic you could go into the town centre and then climb up the famous 199 steps towards St Marys Church and walk through the graveyard to gain entrance to the English Heritage Museum and then Whitby Abbey itself.

Whitby Abbey with museum run by English Heritage

St Mary's Church also St Hilda and Legends Connected to Whitby

The History of St Marys Church in Whitby

St Marys is the Parish Church of Whitby and was built during the time of Abbot William de Percy approximately 1110 for the use of the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood; the Abbey Church being reserved for the monks, and for such friends as they chose to admit. It is extremely likely that a church stood on the same site in Saxon times.

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Captain Cook Museum on Grape Lane

Captain Cook Museum
is situated on the historic old street called Grape Lane with the entrance being near to the swing Bridge. The museum is housed in a 17th-century property which was the location where the young James Cook served his apprenticeship. The museum as many relics relating to Cook’s achievements as an explorer and even a letters in Cooks own handwriting. There are artefacts relating to his voyages from the 18th century and prints and paintings by various artists who sailed with him.
On the lower floor are a number of period rooms which are decorated and furnished in the style they would have been originally during Cooks time.

Pannett Park and Art Gallery in Whitby

Pannett Park was found in 1823 and is now organised by the Whitby literary and philosophical Society. The main all as the ambience of a Victorian and Edwardian Museum. There are collections of local natural history and fossils, carved Whitby jet from the Victorian era. There are also artefacts connecting to the a family and local to Whitby who were famous Whalers. And of course exhibits about the famous local explorer Capt Cook. A gallery of paintings, ceramics and much more.

Whitby Museum in Pannett Park


Whitby fishing trips from the harbour

There are a number of different boats which take people out of the harbour starting with one of the shorter trips been the old Whitby lifeboat which does a short half an hour sea trip. If you fancy a long sea journey you could take one of the longest three-hour trips in summer which are excellent value for money.


whitby Jet jewellery

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The area is well known for its abundance of Whitby jet and fossils and you could buy one of the local booklets and wander onto the beach and the glorious day wandering around.

Whitby beach
The beach as a beautiful walk on the East side starting at the pier you can walk all the way down to Sandsend, approximately 1 mile in length. And in summer on the way back if you climb up one of the winding path to the top of the cliffs there are amusing, crazy golf, miniature golf, trampoline or just enjoy an ice cream.

If youre planning on visiting Whitby hopefully the following links will be useful as we have  the weather for the next five days followed by locations where you can park in the town either pay and display or on road free parking. Also there is a Whitby guides with a calendar of events the 2013.

All the pay-and-display car parks and also free on road parking spots near the town Whitby Parking

Whitby Events Calendar 2013 with Touristic Information

Whitby Weather Forecast for the next five days

Whitby Photo Gallery

Whitby's old Lighthouse and Fog Horn and the History

Walking Guide Whitby and Whitby History and Whitby Guide


When you go to Whitby you get more than Whitby. You can also see Staithes, Port Mulgrave, Runswick Bay and Robin Hood's Bay which gives tourists a selection of beautiful spots.....

Robin Hoods Bay Tour


Staithes Holiday Tour


Runswick Bay Tour


Sandsend Tour






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