Whitby Pay and Display Car Parks and other spots you can park free

Whitby Park And Ride Scheme started on 1 May 2014 and so on this page we will keep you up-to-date with how this has affected parking in the town and all new developments.

Whitby traffic wardens
On this map it shows you the location of all the official car parks in Whitby.

One of the first things that people usually ask when their booking their holiday accommodation in Whitby is "where can we park our car?" So in this article I'm going to explain where the pay and display car parks are and also where you can park your car free of charge if you're willing to walk a certain distance. This article will be updated with any new free on road parking spots near the centre of town as soon as we get new information.

As you drive into Whitby on the Gainsborough Road and turn left just before the garden centre onto the B1460 this will take you into the West side of Whitby where there is more parking than the East side.

More information with pictures on Whitby Parking Information and Driving into Whitby and Parking.

How not to get a parking ticket in Whitby

You come to a mini roundabout which is the top corner of Pannett Park and Chubb Hill. If you take the road leading down is St Hildas Terrace heading towards Flowergate, the top half of St Hildas Terrace is free 24 hour parking with the bottom section changing 40 minutes zone.

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From the above-mentioned mini roundabout if you went down Chubb Hill with the Park once again on the left-hand side if you can find a spot this is free 24 hour parking on the side of the road.

Also the little back streets which run parallel to St Hildas Terrace and lead down to Skinner Street also are free 24 hour parking on the street.
If you look at the area further up at the end of Skinner Street heading towards the Royal Crescent there are various streets all around this area which is mostly bed-and-breakfast accommodation, and many of them have free 24 hour parking on the street.

The North Terrace that starts at the corner of the Royal Hotel running parallel with the beach heading down towards Sandsend is called North Terrace and becomes North promenade further along and this also is free parking but usually it is difficult to find a spot with it being busy due to the views.

On the East side of Whitby there are not very many places where you can park your car and one of the few places you can is Church Street heading into town but you usually after park quite a distance from the centre.

I find that if you dont need want to use your vehicle every day one of the places you can park is further out beyond the tourist section of the town which are the residential areas of Whitby, obviously its a long walk back into town.

 1 St Hildas Terrace

2 Chubb Hill

3 Back Street going down to Skinner Street

4 The street heading towards The Royal Cresant

5 North Terrace

6 Church Street heading into town

whitby on road parking places

St Hildas Terrace

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St Hildas Terrace

Chubb Hill

Chubb Hill

Back St Hildas

Towards The Royal Cresant

towards The Royal Cresant

North Terrace

North Terrace

Church Street

Church Street

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