Sleights a popular holiday village near to Whitby and the North York Moors

Sleights makes the perfect popular holiday location with it being a nice quiet little village with local shops like a mini market, grocery, bakery and local pub, but still been only one and a half miles from Whitby. You are also on the edge of the North York Moors with easy access to villages like a Grosmont.

The third mile post from Whitby is only a little distance from Briggswath along the “ Carrs." and the fourth in Sleights village itself, some little distance from the Church, so that Sleights may be said to be a mile in length from the station to the foot of Blue Bank.

Almost opposite Carr View is a whale bone gateway, made, doubtless, from the jawbones of one of the whales brought into Whitby Harbour in the “ good old days ” of the Greenland whale fishery. Here the real village of Sleights begins, as the visitors will at once notice by the change in architecture, and continues to the foot of Blue Bank, very much like the other villages Whitby cottages and village houses with their gardens neat and trim. The lower section of Sleights, together with a nestling on the side of the valley to the left, having been built in more recent years.

If you’re interested in staying we have and apartments available in the village called Hideaway Apartment Sleights which is open all year round with an affordable tariff.

Sleights map going to Whitby

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