Whitby and its connections with Lewis Carroll the famous author

Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice In Wonderland stayed in Whitby on numerous occasions

Lewis Carroll most famous for Alice in Wonderland published in 1865 and Through the Looking Glass published in 1871, was allegedly inspired to write his "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by his walks along Whitby beach

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Lewis Carroll first came to Whitby for two months in the summer of 1854 with a group of students including their tutor to study mathematics. It is documented that a fellow student remembers Lewis sitting on Whitby beach surrounded by a group of people who were all enthralled listeners. Lewis visited Whitby several times and on the last visit was a committed by members of his family in August 1871, for his brother’s wedding which took place in Sleights.

On the West side of Whitby there is a blue plaque midway between The Royal Hotel and the Kirby flats on the building which used to be called Barnards, was left empty for some time but has now been purchased as a hotel and tea room and arm 26 of November 2008 after a short ceremony the blue plaque was repositioned in memory of Lewis Carroll, real name Charles Dodgson, stayed here in rooms on seven visits, the first being in 1854.

Charles Dodgson was actually the real name of Lewis Carroll who visited Whitby on several occasions with the first one being in 1854 which was quite an important year, because the Whitby Gazette had accepted some of his articles. Lewis is known to study mathematics in Whitby which resulted in being awarded a be a first-class honours degree in mathematics.

A gentleman called Malcolm Barker who are previously been a Whitby Gazette reporter and editor at the Yorkshire Evening Post, had honour of performing the unveiling of the plaque 10 years earlier, was there for a second time, with memories of the original event, when there had been a performance of the mad Hatter's tea party at the West Cliff School by the children and on this occasion Whitby mayor Steve Smith performed the new unveiling of the reconditioned plaque by a gentleman called Richard Cooke on behalf of the Whitby Civic Society.

If you take a short walk along towards the Royal Hotel you will also see the famous Whitby Whale jawbone in front of the Captain Cook bronze statue of Cook looking out to sea on Whitby's West Cliff there is a panoramic view towards Whitby Abbey and the 199 steps.

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