Whitby one of the best tourist attractions in Britain

Some people are lucky enough to approach Whitby by driving from Pickering across the North York Moors with its rugged scenery, with this area more recently been used extensively for film locations of the television series called Heartbeat.

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When you are approximately 3 miles away from Whitby has you come across the moors in the distance you can see the sea and Whitby Abbey, with most people tending to drop down into the centre of the town and find one of the large car parks to leave their vehicle for the day and explore the old town on foot.

The centre of the town obviously is Whitby harbour which is on the mouth of the River Esk and this port is now managed by Scarborough Borough Council, but in the past but to 1905 it was managed by Harbour Commissioners.

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The entrance to the Twin Piers of the harbour extend out into the sea in a northerly direction, which means the towers exposed to strong winds from the north-west.

There is a FISH Quay measuring 214 m x 18.3 m and this was built in the lower harbour in 1957.
The main swing Bridge which was built by the same company that built Blackpool Tower was built in 1908 and this separates the lower and upper harbours.

Endeavour wharf was structurally completed in 1964.
At the end of the two fishing piers there are two fixed lights, the west beacon is green and the east beacon is red.
In 1835 the West lighthouse was built and is 23.3 m in height and during the summer this is open to the public, from which you can get a fantastic view of the entire harbour.

The East lighthouse was built in 1855 and is only 16.5 m in height.
The upper harbour in 1979 came to a compilation of a programme of dredging and they had laid out 251 m of floating pontoon which provided for car parking and other industries connected to the Marina.
Whitby has a very long and interesting history with its very historic and traditional to this day looking harbour and of course Whitby Abbey on the skyline.

The town still oozes charm in history with its beautiful collection of red roofed cottages and cobbled streets which can be explored on foot.
The old town of Whitby is divided in two by the River Esk with. St Mary's Church and Whitby Abbey on the eastern side. The Abbey is accessible by road but you can also climb up from the town itself via 199 steps. These steps connections with the author called Bram Stoker who was inspired to write his famous book Dracula in 1980 scrubs that in the 1880s while staying in the town.

Also Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who you'll probably better known as Lewis Carroll, also produced some of his points in Whitby when he regularly visited the town.
Whitby Abbey is probably the most major attraction set on the East Cliff at the top of the 199 steps, with the original structure dating back to 1675 A.D when St Hilda founded the monastery. The present Abbey dates from 1078 and now it's taking care of by the English Heritage.
So Whitby really is a great tourist attraction especially when you combine this with the fact that there are other beautiful places to visit like the aforementioned North York Moors National Park and other fishing village is very close by like Saithes and Robin Hood's Bay, it really makes a fantastic location for holidaymakers.

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