Whitby Cottages Booked Quickly and Easily as Possible

Endeavour Whitby holiday cottages have strived to make the process of renting our holiday cottages and apartment as quick and easy as possible.

We know the majority of booking agencies employ a rather complicated, time consuming process of making bookings, with customers having to contact the holiday letting agency by telephone and then give full details of who wishes to make the booking, who will use the property. Backed up by checks and followed up by taking a deposit which also includes a returnable bond usually refunded weeks later.  Although this process does obtain the results for customers, it does slow down and complicate what essentially we know is quite a simple proses, after all they just want to book the property that they desire as quickly and easily as possible.

Book whitby cottages online

So with that in mind our customers can log in to our website and choose a property online in moments and then proceed to make either a 20 percent deposit or full payment if less that 8 weeks away,   totally online. All payments are followed by an emailed receipt with full instructions and on all the details of the property.

Ideal for people who wish to make a last moment or out of normal working hour booking, or just don't wish to be bogged down by human communication and red tape. Please don't get our company wrong, we very happy to communicate with potential customers and will happily give advice by telephone or email and taking payments for bookings over the phone if they prefer.

To use our quick online booking process, customers simply log in, type in their details into the safe shopping gateway and then pay the deposit of 20% of the total cost the holiday securing the booking, and triggering an automated email receipt straight back. The balance of the booking is not payable until 8 weeks before the holiday, when once again an automated reminder email is sent out asking for the 80% remaining balance, which allows the customer to log in and quickly and easily pay usually using the stored card details from the deposit stage. So at the click of a button customers can pay and get their final receipt with full instructions on how to gain access to the property, and other hopefully helpful information like parking facilities and general information about Whitby, all sent back by email.

We think this process is ideal way of booking a holiday, quick and easy as possible, the ideal solution for people who wish book without having to go to the process of talking to people over the phone.

Also, because we don't take bonds which would have to be returned this makes it less cost upfront and as easy as possible.

Holidays made easy.  

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Endeavour Cottage in Whitby

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Endeavour Cottage in Whitby located in the courtyard of Haydock Place.


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