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Whitby in North Yorkshire photograph panoramas

This map shows the location of each Whitby panorama, each number represents one panorama.

Whitby Swing Bridge On August 8th 2009 Whitby celebrated its bridge centenary, with a fine turnout of people and the Lord Mayors of Whitby and Scarborough attending. Follow this link for the story Whitby bridge centenary

Whitby's Market Square ( Picture 1 ) with the old town all and clock tower at the top and just behind that is the famous Church Street which leads to the 199 steps going up to St Mary's church and Whitby Abbey.

Church Street ( Picture 2 ) is the towns oldest. Picture2 It was called Kirkgate in 1318, and extended only from the foot of the Church Stairs to the old Market Place, where the Black Bull Inn stood at the corner. Then followed High Gate, Crossgate and Southgate to Boulby Bank, where the new flats are. Beyond this was a sandy, tide-washed track to Spital Bridge.

Whitby's famous 199 steps ( Picture 3 )going up to St Mary's Church.Whitby's 199 steps start at the end of church Street and the beginning of Henrietta Street, and lead up to St Mary's Church with Whitby Abbey in the background. The perfect place for a panorama across the West side of Whitby.  

Coming up from Church Street ( Picture 4 ) you climb up the famous 199 steps and find St Mary's Church with Whitby Abbey in the background. Fabulous views across Whitby harbour across the River Esk on down towards Sandsend

Whitby Abbey ( Picture 5 ) Whitby Abbey has been in existence from the 7th century AD onwards. The economy of this town began to grow when it started working on leather and dyed clothes in the late 16th century. Later on, the ship building industry also began to grow, thus contributing to the growth of the economy of the town. This town was also the centre for some of the sea battles during the world war which damaged the Abbey.  

Whitby Bandstand Pier Road ( Picture 6 )
Looking out over the River Esk towards the East side of Whitby where you can see the famous 199 steps which lead you up to St Mary's church and Whitby Abbey.  

Whitby Pier situated ( Picture 7 ) at the bottom of the Khyber Pass which has at the top of it is that you wait of Captain cook the famous Explorer looking out over the River Esk of Whitby.
The half-moon battery has exchanged its guns for seats. The West Pier, originally of timber, was rebuilt in 1814, and Francis Pickernell, the Harbour Engineer, designed the 83ft. tall lighthouse with its fluted columns in 1831. The distance from the Bridge to the Pier End is 795 yards.




Whitby in North Yorkshire photographic panoramas

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