Whitby weather forecast for the next five days


Whitby Weather Forecast for the next five days.


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Is amazing how important the weather forecast is to the tourists and the local businesses in a place like Whitby.

An example of this was I was talking to the chap who prepares the fish a Whitby fish and chips shop and he told me that they watch the weather forecast very closely because obviously if the forecast is good that means many more tourists, which will mean he will need to prepare more fish for all their fish shops in the town. But he went on to point out this can sometimes occasionally backfire if the the weather forecast is inaccurate, which doesn't happen great deal nowadays, but if it does and the next day forecast indicated that the weather was going to be poor but in actual fact it' turns out to be the opposite a good sunny day, the tourists can be thin on the ground because people do decide to a large degree what they’re going to do the day before based on the weather forecast.

And in actual fact one of the things that made me realise how many people do take notice of the weather forecast is when I did some keyword research using a tool I use for my search engine optimisation, it gives information on how many people typed in certain groups of words in the search engines each month. I looked at the month of September and it showed that in the UK alone 2900 people typed in "Whitby wheather" and that's almost as many typed in the words “Whitby holiday cottages”... almost.

It was recently the 25th anniversary of that terrible day when Michael Fish the weather presenter uttered those famous words that the following day the storm and strong winds out in the Atlantic wouldn't be visiting the UK. Unfortunately for everybody including Michael Fish the following day the UK experienced the full brunt of this terrible storm which was one of the worst UK have ever experienced, causing substantial damage.

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Thankfully nowadays the seven day forecast is as accurate as the next day forecast used to be 25 years ago, due to the enormous amount of technology that is used today.

It just shows you how important the weather forecast is for both the local workers and the tourists visiting Whitby.

A lovely sunny day in Whitby

the weather is good in Whitby lots of sunshine

When the weather is good in Whitby it can get very busy

the weather is good in Whitby and its very crowded

A winter's day in Whitby with the snow down and it's quiet

Whitby's 199 steps covered in snow looking very attractive

A stormy day in Whitby only the tough ventured out

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